George W. Bush Caught Bashing Trump At A Dinner Over Handling Of North Korea


President Donald Trump may have a sea of red MAGA hats at rallies; however, he is not well loved, even within his own Republican party. According to Business Insider, one Republican has some harsh criticism of a recent move on Trump’s part.

Business Insider reported that former President George W. Bush was at a dinner when he let it be known he did not agree with Trump’s recent decision to revise his travel ban by adding North Korea to the list of banned countries. Bush reasoned that it would prevent those who wanted to leave the embattled country from seeking asylum.

‘Bush said the US needed to encourage such pursuits and contrasted North Korea’s addition to the travel ban with the North Korean Human Rights Act that Bush signed in 2004, the source said. The law offered support for North Korean human-rights groups and dissidents.’

Although Bush’s spokesperson denied Bush ever mentioned Trump or the travel ban specifically, he described his comments as, “in broader strokes, welcoming and supporting dissidents, as he has for years, and referred to the Bush Institute’s longstanding and ongoing work in that area.”

Though one source came forward after Bush’s remarks, two other sources refused to provide a comment, saying the dinner was off the record.

Several critics of Trump’s decision to add North Korea to the travel ban say it’s an empty move, because North Korean immigration “doesn’t exist.” Associate professor at Seoul’s Yonsei University John Delury commented:

‘There’s no login in the North Korea context, so we can conclude this is not really about North Korea. This is not part of real North Korea policy at all.’

What his move does signal is that the Trump administration is trying desperately to make the travel ban look less discriminatory, as it originally started out banning Muslim-majority countries from traveling to the U.S. By adding North Korea, they could point to the move and say, “SEE?! It’s not about Islam!”

The actual ban on travel from North Korea in the travel ban reads:

‘North Korea does not cooperate with the United States government in any respect and fails to satisfy all information-sharing requirements. The entry into the United States of national of North Korea as immigrants and nonimmigrants is hereby suspended.’

Professor Delury is entirely correct on the notion that it’s an empty move. If one uses the most basic of common sense, they’ll realize that North Korea is a country under a psycho dictator. That psycho dictator hates America. North Koreans are brainwashed into believing that the United States is an evil country. They aren’t going to want to come here to travel, because it means they’ll be executed when they get home. Even if they wanted to escape North Korea, just trying to escape to surrounding countries is an arduous and dangerous journey — much less a flight across an entire ocean. Considering Trump can reason that help for Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria devastated the country was slowed down by “big water” around the island, you would think he could reason that North Koreans aren’t going to make it here even if they wanted to easily.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.