Iconic Talk Show Host Hints At Possible 2020 Presidential Run & It’s A Game-Changer


Trump, who has been broadly disliked since taking office, will face no shortage of opponents in 2020, assuming he lasts that long. In fact, there’s a decent chance his own party will try to primary him. If successful, that would be unprecedented. Either way, he’ll certainly need to bump up that approval rating if he expects to compete with some of those who are considering runs in 2020 – including, it seems, Oprah Winfrey.

Yesterday afternoon, Oprah tweeted an article calling for her to run for president, sparking discussion of whether she’ll be running. Her tongue in cheek caption added fuel to the fire as well:

Oprah’s approval rating has steadily remained above Trump’s. A March poll shows her with a significant lead over the incumbent, even at the peak of his approval ratings.

Responses to her tweet were mixed. Many expressed support, but others are clearly tired of celebrities running for office. See below:

It’s notable that, as the article she shared from the New York Post points out, Oprah is not entirely inexperienced in the field of politics:

‘As for politics, it’s worth remembering that Oprah played a not-insubstantial role in the 2008 election. Her decision to endorse Barack Obama after his campaign failed to catch fire in its first eight months in 2007 provided the initial accelerant (sic) that took him from 25 points back to winning the nomination away from Hillary Clinton.

‘She introduced Obama to the Hollywood crowd in September 2007 at a $3 million fundraiser. And that December, she spent four days with him in the key early states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. In the latter, Winfrey helped bring 30,000 people to a stadium to make it clear to women and African-Americans that he was her guy. His victory in South Carolina was probably the key moment for his campaign.

‘A 2008 study at the University of Maryland suggested that Winfrey herself was responsible for more than 1 million votes cast for Obama in the Democratic contest — which suggests he might not have prevailed had she not campaigned on his behalf.’

It’s also notable that most of the negative responses to the article aren’t actually against Oprah — they’re against the celebrity class running at all. Most of those, faced with a Trump/Oprah contest, would probably still vote for Oprah, even if they didn’t campaign for her or vote for her in the primary.

Featured image via Sean Gallup/Getty Images