NY Town Supervisor Busted In Unbelievable Acts Of Racism & Sexual Harrassment (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is not alone in his belligerently low opinions of minorities and women. Upon his assumption of power, other similarly nasty political leaders have continued to come out of the woodwork, so to speak, across the nation.

One New York town supervisor has been busted as allegedly having made a series of derogatory comments towards both women and minorities working in his office, although — unsurprisingly — the accused town supervisor flatly denies the allegation.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has found that complaints lodged against Henrietta town supervisor Jack Moore by five employees have evidence to back them up. Some of the complaints allege truly “deplorable” behavior — in other words, just the type of thing that the president would be proud of.

One allegation is that while moving an employee’s desk, Moore commented that “this desk is heavier than ten dead n*ggers.”

That’s not even where it ends. According to other allegations, Moore made up nicknames for two women in his office, calling them “Big Marie” and “Little Marie.” If you couldn’t guess as much, Moore meant for the nicknames to correspond to his employees’ breast sizes.

In another alleged incident, Moore commented to an employee:

‘Maybe you could take Barb shopping… She could use some help… Tell me she don’t just look like a guy.’

Moore was referring to an employee of the city named Barbara Bresnan, who has worked as a maintenance worker for sixteen years. She explained to local media that the last four years of her time in the job have been “depressing for me, very difficult, stressful. Not only on myself, but on my family as well.”

Moore asserted while speaking on the phone to a local reporter that the five employees who have lodged complaints against him over the past four years simply aren’t efficient workers.

Bresnan took serious issue with being described by Moore as an inefficient worker, noting that she has “never, ever had a negative comment in any of my evaluations.”

Moore does, in fact, have a documented history of making racist comments, having referred to African Americans as “city cousins” in connection with the Affordable Care Act in 2015. Not only was he determined to have made the comments in question, but he also allegedly retaliated against one of the employees for filing an EEOC complaint.

The next step in this incident is likely for some or all of the employees who lodged the complaints to file a lawsuit against the city.

Watch a news report on the incident from local media below:

Featured Image via WHEC video screen capture