Trump Buddy Joe Arpaio Wages Useless War On Obama Like An Unemployed Old Man


When Donald Trump pardoned former Maricopa county sheriff Joe Arpaio for contempt of court, he didn’t just let another old racist off the hook – he also let a man who enabled child molesters, murderers, and other violent criminals to continue committing crimes off the hook. Arpaio is controversial for many reasons, not just his treatment of inmates and his blatant racism.

In a Tuesday interview, Joe Arpaio revealed just how he plans to spend his time now that he’s been pardoned – and it’s not pretty. The 85-year-old former sheriff – who is set to speak tonight at a Republican fundraising dinner in Fresno, California – wants to continue to investigate President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. From the Mercury News:

‘In an interview on Tuesday afternoon, Arpaio, who lost re-election in November after 24 years in office, said the Fresno event was an example of his renewed “mission” to fight for conservative ideas around the country. That includes, he said, his continuing (and widely debunked) effort to prove that former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fake.’

The article continues:

‘A raft of prominent Central Valley Republicans, including Fresno’s mayor, have bowed out of the annual event, some citing scheduling conflicts and others saying outright that they’re steering clear of the fundraiser because Arpaio will be speaking. His department was also accused of racial profiling, mistreating jail inmates, and failing to investigate child sex crimes.

‘“Historically just about every local elected Republican would be at these events,” said Marcelino Valdez, a former state GOP official in the Central Valley who is attending the dinner. “Sheriff Arpaio has scared off some people with political ambitions.”

‘After losing his re-election campaign in November 2016, Arpaio said, he told his wife he was done with politics. But President Trump has reinvigorated him, and now he’s planning to travel the country to support Republican candidates.’

Let’s pause for a moment to reflect on the fact that, since President Obama’s mom was an American citizen, it never actually mattered, and never will matter, where he was born. He’d still be a natural-born citizen who is eligible to run for the office of POTUS. In fact, if President Obama couldn’t run for president on the premise that he may have been born out of the country, Ted Cruz shouldn’t have run, either. After all, he was born in Canada, and that’s not contested.

No, attacks on the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate were never based in constitutional concerns or an actual legal argument. It is 100 percent a racist argument and conspiracy. There was never any reason to lie about President Obama’s birthplace in the first place.

Yet none of that matters, because President Obama was born in Hawaii. “Birthers,” as conspiracy theorists who believe President Obama was not born in Hawaii are called, have been repeatedly debunked.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Joe Arpaio from continuing to “investigate.” He also told the Mercury News that, “It has to go down as the biggest cover-up in the history of the United States.” That’s right – he thinks President Obama’s birthplace, which wouldn’t be relevant even if it WAS Kenya, is a bigger cover-up than Iran-Contra or Watergate.

Last, but not least, let’s not forget that Donald Trump is exactly the same type of person as Joe Arpaio. He begrudgingly admitted President Obama was born in the United States, but he has maintained the opposite for years, even claiming to fund investigations. In fact, his racist dog whistles regarding President Obama’s birthplace were a major part of his catapult into politics.

Featured image via Joshua Lott/Getty Images