Dan Rather Starts Saturday Twitter Battle With Trump Over Puerto Rico & Donald Got Smoked


Dan Rather is an award-winning journalist, and if anyone could cut Donald Trump down to size after what the president said to San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Mayor Carmen Yulan Cruz, he is the one. This journalist wields his words with such precision, a person might not know he has been wounded until he sees the trail of blood.

Hurricane Maria’s fury shredded the island and left behind a population of three million in dire need. After nine days of suffering, Mayor Cruz went before television cameras and begged for help for her people. She said that they had no food, no medicine, and no water. They were dying.

Instead of being motivated or moved by her words, the president decided to hit her hard in his morning tweets from the comfort of his luxury golf club. That is when Dan Rather came to town, packing deadly heat – the heat of his sizzling words. In essence, Rather said pick on someone who has not worn herself into exhaustion, knocking her head against the dead wood of bureaucracy.

On his Facebook page, Rather called Trump as he saw him, and it was not a pretty picture of a “tantrum tweet storm:”

‘Attacking the mayor of San Juan, a fellow American citizen dealing with a real-time life and death struggle for hundreds of thousands of her constituents on an island of millions in crisis, is not only far below the dignity of the office you hold. It fails even the most basic test of humanity.’

Rather continued, suggesting that Trump put country before ego, He also defended the mayor’s “harsh words,” saying they were a “reality check:”

‘And one that conforms to every firsthand account coming out of Puerto Rico no matter how much you try to deflect with your “Fake News” epithets. And you also blame the Puerto Ricans themselves? That they want “everything done for them”?’

The journalist said he had “seen more than his share of wretched desperation…where matters of life and death hang moment to moment in the balance between action and inaction:”

‘It does not take a saintly amount of compassion or empathy to feel for those who are struggling to stay alive, who are worried for the fate of family and friends, and who have seen so much that they have known and loved blown and washed away.’

Then, Rather held Trump to task, holding up his oath of office and his responsibility to all Americans:

‘Even if they live on an island in the ocean, or look different or even speak a different language than what you think is America.’

Finally, this fine wordsmith explained to the president how he should behave from now on:

‘I do not believe “blame the victim” is what Americans expect of their president.’

You can read Rather’s entire editorial below:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Mike Coppola.