Staffer Leaks Scene Of Total Chaos Inside White House & Jared Kushner Is Exposed Like A Fool


Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, had no experience in government before Donald Trump brought him into the West Wing. Yet, the president gave him the responsibility for everything from reimaging the Veterans Affairs (VA) to reforming the criminal justice system to creating peace in the Middle East. Now that the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has reached the too-hot-to-handle stage, we find out how close a top White House official came to quitting.

Officials have long seen Kushner as the weakest link in the Trump administration. After all, this son-in-law has been up to his eyebrows in secret meetings with Russians, an attempt to create a backdoor between Russia and himself, and outrageous omissions on his security clearance forms. Not only that, the Russians have probably hacked Kushner’s private email server.

It stands to reason that White House Counsel Don McGahn would have had problems with Kushner’s relationship with the president. The counsel’s job is to protect the office of the president. The biggest issue McGahn had with Trump’s son-in-law was that investigators could easily interpret private meetings between 45 and Kushner as “an effort to coordinate their stories,” Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Attorney general to President George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzales, told the Wall Street Journal the administration should “minimize direct contact:”

‘You really want to minimize direct contact between someone that’s involved in an investigation and the president of the United States.’

As early as last summer, McGahn told people in the administration that he was worried that investigators could see the private meetings as collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. He was also concerned about investigators finding evidence of obstruction of justice within the White House administration.

As a result of the counsel’s comments, former chief strategist Steve Bannon and former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus both feared McGahn would quit, so they went to him and urged him to stay on the job. Kushner has also frustrated the current Chief of Staff John Kelly. The White House counsel’s worries were indicative of how disruptive Mueller’s investigation has been in the West Wing.

Some of the president’s legal team suggested to the president last summer that Kushner resign, and they even came up with a cover story. At that same time, rumors began floating around the White House that Ivanka Trump and Kushner would not be working in the administration for long.

The legal team felt that Kushner would talk to the president and other members of the administration about Mueller’s investigation. As a result, Mueller’s investigation could demand testimony from those conversations.

Check out this video about Kushner’s emails via CNN:

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