Trump Comes Unglued & Tweets Bizarre Saturday Night ‘Fake News’ Like A Weirdo


One week ago, President Trump traveled to Alabama to campaign for U.S. Senate candidate Luther Strange (R), who was running for the seat in a special election after he was appointed to the Senate when Sessions resigned earlier this year. Trump used the opportunity to unleash himself on a crazy rant about a series of topics. The Washington Post reported:

‘The president’s rambling speech lasted nearly 90 minutes. He repeatedly cursed, mocked the leader of North Korea, jokingly threatened to fire a Cabinet member who endorsed Moore, called on professional football team owners to fire players who kneel during the national anthem, promised to build a new “see-through wall” on the southern border, called allegations of Russian interference in the election a “hoax,” accused unions of protecting “sadists” who abuse elderly veterans, and repeatedly relived the 2016 election.’

Despite Trump’s promises that Strange would win the election, he did the opposite. Strange lost the runoff to Judge Roy Moore, an ultra conservative candidate who has emphasized bringing the country back to God, banning homosexuals from the military, and stopping immigrants who come to the U.S. illegally. According to CBS News, the defeat was “widely considered a blow to the president and a win for many of the most conservative members of his base.”

Now, after Trump spent all day Saturday tweeting angrily about Puerto Rico and the NFL, he capped it off with another crazed idiotic tweet about the Alabama Senate race. Trump’s original tweet, which he later edited said:

‘In analyzing the Alabama Primary race,FAKE NEWS always fails to mention that the candidate I endorsed went up MANY points after Election!’

Trump ended up backtracking on this one because he finally somehow figured out that a candidate cannot go up in points after the election. He amended this tweet with another one saying:

Many people jumped on his tweet with some angry thoughts of their own.

Judging from the outcome of the election though, Trump’s involvement more likely hurt Strange than boosted his popularity. The polls from the end of August to the end of September, which were reported by Real Clear Politics show that Strange did not really have much of a chance of winning the election in the first place.

Currently, Republican candidate Roy Moore will face off with Democratic candidate Doug Jones who is hoping to pull off a big upset and has a number of key Democrats backing him. What’s ridiculous is that Trump still isn’t past Strange’s loss to Moore though, and he continues to divide the country with his profound mental instability as he insanely tweets about Puerto Rico and the NFL. Meanwhile, many people are waiting destitute on an island for lifesaving help.

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