Geraldo Rivera Mocks San Juan Mayor On LIVE TV Like A White Privileged Piece Of Sh*t


Fox News, the propaganda outlet of the Republican Party and news organization that brought “fake news” into the mainstream, just went on an all-out assault against victims of Hurricane Maria.

The context of the comments is important: Trump, yesterday, felt that it would be appropriate to attack the Mayor of San Juan and other victims of Hurricane Maria, after facing criticism from the mayor over his handling of the disaster. It’s notable that Trump ignored the hurricane for four days, opting instead to golf and tweet attacks at the NFL.

Luckily for Trump, Fox News has apparently now made it their goal to reinforce the false narrative being spewed on Twitter by Trump. Have we achieved the pinnacle of partisan hackery now, with Fox News attacking hurricane victims on behalf of the Republican White House occupant?

Disgraced reporter Geraldo Rivera, who was removed from the front after live-broadcasting American troop positions during the Iraq war, just attacked the mayor with a hostile line of questioning designed to downplay the level of disaster in Puerto Rico. He actually forced her to explain what “dying” means. This comes from a guy who claimed to have witnessed an attack he was 300 miles from, opened Al Capone’s vault and found…nothing, and got caught by the New York Times in the Katrina disaster zone “nudging” a rescue worker out of the way so he could get a photo of himself “helping.”

The interview starts off well enough, with Rivera asking her, “How are you feeling about what’s going on?”

She answers, “Well, the aid isn’t getting here as quickly as it should be getting here. There are people at all municipalities literally starving, dehydrating.”

This is where it starts to go off the rails. “But are people dying?” Rivera questions, his tone growing more hostile. “I’ve been traveling around. I don’t see people dying.”

“Well dying is a continuum,” the mayor responds slowly, as if speaking to a child. “If you don’t get fed for seven, eight days and you’re a child, you are dying. If you have 11 people — like we took out of a nursing home — severely dehydrated, you are dying.”

Rivera cuts her off: “Do you wish you had characterized that a little more…?”

“I said it the way it is,” she bluntly responds.

For Geraldo Rivera and Fox News, starving children aren’t enough. They need some bodies. It’s simply a fact that the Trump administration did not respond soon enough to this emergency. Trump didn’t have a single meeting with advisers on Puerto Rico for days after landfall. Half the aid was sent that was sent to Haiti — and we had warning for Puerto Rico. There is no excuse for this and Fox’s attempt to cover up the humanitarian disaster on behalf of the Trump administration is disgusting.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via Michael Loccisano/Getty Images