Trump Makes Trade Negotiator Tell Foreign Leaders He’s A Lunatic, As If It’s A Lie


To begin with, Trump isn’t one that has much common sense when dealing with matters on the home front, let alone the leaders of other countries. However, he thinks he knows it all when it comes to negotiating with foreign leaders, even if he makes himself and the United States look absolutely ridiculous.

Many people are already feeling the high intensity of the situation with North Korea, and every time Trump opens his mouth it’s time to cringe because no one knows what kind of war or nuclear bomb he will end up setting off, literally. Now, some new details have come out about how Trump is negotiating trade deals with South Korea.

Axios reported:

‘In an Oval Office meeting earlier this month, President Trump gave his top trade negotiator, Robert Lighthizer, an Art of the Deal-style coaching session on how to negotiate with the South Koreans.’

The president had a conversation with a number of senior officials and cabinet secretaries, which included Defense Secretary Mattis, Agriculture Secretary Perdue and Secretary of State Tillerson. Trump has been threatening to withdraw from the Korean Trade Deal, and as he gave instructions to his top trade negotiator, Robert Lighthizer, it was apparent that he must have set off a crazy fire from within. Officials present say this is how the conversation went:

‘”You’ve got 30 days, and if you don’t get concessions then I’m pulling out,” Trump told Lighthizer.

‘”Ok, well I’ll tell the Koreans they’ve got 30 days,” Lighthizer replied.

‘”No, no, no,” Trump interjected. “That’s not how you negotiate. You don’t tell them they’ve got 30 days. You tell them, ‘This guy’s so crazy he could pull out any minute.'”‘

‘”That’s what you tell them: Any minute,” Trump continued. “And by the way, I might. You guys all need to know I might. You don’t tell them 30 days. If they take 30 days they’ll stretch this out.”‘

Trump “seems to view (his) madman reputation as an asset,” but there is no real evidence that this tactic is going to be successful for him. He already called diplomacy with “Little Rocket Man” in North Korea a waste of time and wants to jump in to use military force without considering the immense consequences and weight of that decision. The man does not realize his words carry weight.

Trump tweeted to Rex Tillerson:

‘Save your energy Rex, we’ll do what has to be done!’

Trump’s tweet really undercut Tillerson’s diplomatic efforts and undermines the direct contact they had with North Korea just one day before. On Tuesday, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Dunford said:

 ‘The military dimension today is in full support of the economic and diplomatic pressure campaign the secretary of state is leading in North Korea.’

According to Swan:

‘Trump’s comments today belong to a pattern that fits the “madman” or “he might just be crazy enough to do that” theory of international relations.’

The unhinged madman’s tactics may prove to be more harmful than successful, and “can only produce short-term results, if he doesn’t follow through on them.”

Featured image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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