Federal Investigators Ruin Trump’s Day With Game Changing Hard Evidence Dump


The probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, spearheaded by Robert Mueller, shows no sign of slowing. Despite the president claiming time and time again that he has absolutely no ties with Russia, there is an increasing amount of evidence pointing to the president’s claims being about as phony as everything else that comes out of his mouth.

Documents were turned over to federal investigators by President Trump and his company which contained information proving that they had unreported contacts with Russia while the 2016 election was taking place.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, exchanged emails with a Felix Sater, a business associate, discussing traveling to an economic conference in Russia. Also in attendance at this conference would be top Russian financial and government leaders, as well as President Vladimir Putin. It is reported that Cohen turned down the invitation.

In 2015, Cohen also received a proposal for a residential project. The project would take place in Moscow and was founded by Sergei Gordeev, a former Russian politician. Cohen also claims to have rejected the proposal, saying “I did not accept this invitation. I have never been to Russia.”

However, even though Cohen did not accept either invitation, the cause for concern is that they were not reported. This inquiry is the second proposal for a Trump Moscow project that the company received during the presidential campaign, that was previously undisclosed.

Information regarding these interactions was provided to congressional committees, as well as special counsel Robert S. Mueller, as they dig further investigate the possibility that Trump and/or his associates worked together with Russia to meddle in the 2016 election.

Alan Garter, Trump Organization lawyer, told The Washington Post that the business deal proposed to Cohen had to be understood “in context” and that “very small percentage of these proposals are ever pursued.” He went on to state:

‘Like any other international real estate brand, it is not uncommon for third party developers to submit proposals for potential real estate projects all over the world.’

This is not the first Moscow business deal proposed to the Trump Organization while the campaign was taking place. It was reported in August that even after Trump had launched his presidential bid, the Trump organization still attempted to open a Trump Tower in Moscow.

The project ultimately went nowhere, Felix Sater promised Cohen that he could get President Vladimir Putin to say “great things” about Donald Trump as he ran for president, if they agreed to the development deal.

Sater also stated in an email in 2015 that he believed that Trump Organization leaders would have something to celebrate soon. He believed that they would soon be able to congratulate Trump on not only one of the biggest residential projects in history but also Trump’s election as president.

It is hardly surprising anymore when Trump or those within his inner circle are caught with ties to Russia. What makes the newest revelations significant is not the fact that they happened, but the fact that the Trump administration chose not to disclose the information straight away, as well as the fact that this is not the first time information of this sort has been uncovered.

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