Double Shooting At Daycare Center – Children Take Cover In Bathroom (DETAILS)


Seven children trapped inside a daycare center took refuge inside a bathroom after their teacher came under gunfire on Monday. The incident took place at an in-home daycare in Chula Vista, California after a man who once lived at the residence came back to retrieve a mattress he’d left there.

When the woman running the daycare argued back with the man, he became enraged, tried to set fire to the structure, and broke out the sliding glass door at the back of the property. The woman’s assistant rushed the children, whose ages ranged from 1 to 8, into a bathroom in the home so she could continue to deal with the suspect.

That is when the suspect fired his weapon at the daycare owner, at which time, she returned fire. Both shots missed their targets and no one was injured.

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Image of Gustavo Sepulveda being arrested. (Screenshot via Fox)

The man, 36 year old Gustavo Sepulveda is the ex boyfriend of the daycare owner. He was arrested, and is now facing possible attempted murder charges.

When police arrived, the daycare owner had fled the home, leaving Sepulveda inside, where he set more than one fire. Police were able to arrest the suspect and rescue the children from the bathroom without incident.

All children were picked up by family members, and no one was hurt other than Sepulveda, who was treated for cuts to his hands and feet after breaking the sliding door.

Video courtesy of Fox 5 San Diego: