‘NPR ‘News Announces Donald Trump Jr. Scandal That Should End The Presidency


Donald Trump Jr. has been investigated for a while in regards to a meeting that happened last year with Russian lawyers. Trump Jr. at first denied that this meeting had ever happened, but once he admitted that it occurred, it set off a wave of skepticism. Then, once Trump Jr. realized he couldn’t deny it, he tried to say that the meeting was all about working to reinstate the ability of Americans to adopt Russian children.

 Trump Jr, attempting to cover up the real reality of the meeting, said after the meeting ended:

 ‘I gave it no further thought.’

Now, NPR has come out with a shocking and damaging report, basically showing that the lobbying organization represented by the Russians Trump Jr. claims he met with is essentially a sham. He met with Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin who were lobbying on behalf of the Human Rights Accountability Global Initiative Foundation. There is a huge problem though because apparently no one works at the foundation offices. It only exists on paper as an “institution dedicated to making it possible for American families to adopt Russian children.”

To give a background, Russia had cut off America’s access to adoption due to a scandal involving Russian tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. Magnitsky was murdered after uncovering a corruption scandal involving people close to the Kremlin. This led to Congress passing a sanctions law called The Magnitsky Act. The bill froze the assets of and denied visas to a group of  Russians close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As a way of retaliating, Putin banned adoptions of Russian children by Americans, and Russia began major efforts to try to have the sanctions lifted and get the frozen funds back. So, when anyone speaks of “Russian adoptions,” what they are really talking about is repealing sanctions against Russia.

In fact, The Human Rights Accountability Global Initiative Foundation, the organization Trump claims he met with, is funded by a Russian oligarch who was sanctioned under the act and who is close to the Kremlin. So Trump Jr. thought he had a great cover going when he tried to make everyone believe that he innocently met with lawyers about Russian adoption. The meeting was really about digging up dirt on Hillary Clinton and it was all eerily tied to Putin.

Louise Shelley, an expert in Russian organized crime and corruption at George Mason University said:

‘The people who met Donald Trump Jr. are close to the Russian power structures. They are part of a network of people working to advance Putin’s interests one way or another.

‘Either they’re part of the legal apparatus that helps him, the political apparatus that helps him, or are engaged in negative public relations campaigns — which are also a very important technique of the Kremlin to go after its enemies.’

So anyone who would believe the hooey that Donald Trump Jr. sincerely met with Russian lawyers in the interests of Americans being able to adopt Russian children, has completely lost their mind. It was always about Hillary and helping his Daddy win the election, and nothing else.

Featured image by Leigh Vogel/WireImage/Getty Images

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