Trump Ditches Puerto Rico Trip Early After Continuous Embarrassing Fumbles


The island of Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover from the devastating Hurricane Maria, with more than half the island still without access to clean drinking water and only a small sliver of the island currently with electricity.

On Tuesday, President Trump, who has faced widespread criticism for his response to Puerto Rico’s suffering, visited the island, and it went terribly. Topping it all off, he left about an hour early — evidently he got tired of the island that quickly.

Trump, during his time on the island, effectively ignored the human impact of the disaster, instead working on the impact that it has on the public image of his administration. Mind you, Trump’s public image work is only relevant to the minority of the American population that supports the man — most of us see right through him and will continue to, no matter what stunts he pulls.

As the Associated Press reports, while in Puerto Rico on Tuesday, the president called Hurricane Katrina, which hit the Gulf Coast some years ago and left large numbers of people dead thanks to flooding, a “real catastrophe,” roundly implying that the storm that hit Puerto Rico was no such thing.

These comments come even though the storm left millions of people without power and an unknown number of people dead. There is literally no way to know the death toll from this storm, seeing as much of the island is still in shambles. The death toll from Katrina took years to fully come to light, as the AP reports.

Trump additionally commented as follows, “jokingly” suggesting that saving money is more important to him than saving the lives of people in Puerto Rico:

‘Now I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack because we’ve spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico. And that’s fine. We’ve saved a lot of lives.’

In another despicable highlight of the president’s time in Puerto Rico, he literally took to tossing rolls of paper towels into a crowd at one point, like the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico are some kind of sick game.

As mentioned, topping this whole sick display off, the president didn’t even stick around, leaving Puerto Rico ahead of schedule.

Check out Twitter’s reaction below.

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/ Getty Images