Trump Stiffs Puerto Rico Mayor During Tuesday Visit Like A Petty Little Girl (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is known to hold grudges, especially if that person is a woman, but his treatment of San Juan’s Mayor Tuesday is nothing short of a grade school temper tantrum. Trump can’t handle criticism from anyone, let alone a woman with a strong voice of opposition and an audience; his contempt for one of those women shone through today shortly after his arrival to view the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

While giving his appreciation speech for the people involved in the relief effort, Trump childishly threw some shade at the mayor by addressing officials involved by name, then praising their work. Not only was the mayor left out of that speech, but when it came time for Trump to thank the governor of Puerto Rico, he took a jab at the mayor as well, saying:

“He’s not even from my party, but he started right from the beginning appreciating what we did. This governor did not play politics. He didn’t play it all. He was saying it like it was and he was giving us the highest grades.”

This childishness directly contradicts what Trump told reporters Tuesday morning at the White House when he said this about the mayor:

“I think she’s come back a long way. I think it’s now acknowledged what a great job we’ve done, and people are looking at that.”

Somewhere on the flight, Trump must have decided that he was still upset over being called out for letting Puerto Rico fend for themselves.

See for yourself.