Trump Claims He’s Won Golf Championships On All His Courses – Just One Problem


Trump is the best at golf. He’s really good at it. In fact, he’s great. You can believe that. The greatest. The best of the best. Terrific even. There is no better golfer. Probably on the planet, at least in his own mind.

Remember that fake Time Magazine cover displayed in several of Trump’s golf resorts around the world? The one that David A. Fahrenthold at the Washington Post uncovered? That isn’t the only fake thing hanging on the walls at Trump resorts.

Image from Washington Post video

From an interview with Time magazine last year:

‘Even in golf, I’ve won many golf club championships. I don’t know if you guys play golf. But to win a club championship is hard, literally hard. And you have to beat scratch players. You got a lot of good players.’

According to Trump, he has won a total of 18 golf championships — and the plaques are hanging on the walls of his golf clubs to prove it. But, according to the Washington Post, not all of those are totally legitimate:

‘First off, Trump is listed as the 1999 club champion, but the course didn’t have its official grand opening until Jan. 8, 2000, according to a contemporaneous Palm Beach Post report. The course did have what the Post called a “soft opening” on Nov. 1, 1999.’

“Soft opening.” Right. According to Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks, they held the championship in 1999 “with a group of a few of the early members.” Although they’re not saying how many, we’re guessing it was a very limited group of people.

According to a 2013 tweet, Trump also won that year’s championship tournament:

But, the name that appears on the plaque for 2013 is “Tom Roush,” who also won in 2015 and 2016. There is, of course, a reason — Trump actually didn’t lie for a change — he simply omitted the fact that he had won the senior club championship. Guess he wasn’t ready to be considered old yet.

Trumps says he’s just a winner. A big winner:

‘I’ve won many club championships. So my life has been about winning. My life has not been about losing.’

He actually thinks that all that winning prepared him for the presidency.

We think differently.

Featured image from YouTube video