Trump Had To Be Told Not To Throw Heavy Cans At Hurricane Victims (VIDEO)


According to reports, Donald Trump, who confused and disgusted many when he was seen on video throwing paper towel rolls to victims of Hurricane Maria, had to be instructed not to throw canned goods as well.

When video surfaced showing the United States president throwing paper towels to hurricane victims at a church that was organizing supplies for those in need, many people were appalled. The Washington Post reports that things could have been a lot worse.

The former reality TV star, who appeared more focused on getting attention than tending to hurricane victims, had to be told not to throw cans of chicken when he pointed them out on the table of supplies.

According to the Washington Post:

‘Trump passed out yellow bags of rice and then started tossing rolls of towels into the crowd as if he were shooting free-throws. The crowd laughed and cheered him on. When he contemplated doing the same with the cans of chicken, the crowd gently told him no.’

After narrowly avoiding possible head injuries the crowd was treated to the president shining one of the many flashlights on the supply table in their faces while saying:

‘Flashlights — you don’t need ’em anymore. You don’t need ’em anymore.’

Later, at the church, a member gave him a demonstration of the water purification kits that locals were using to have drinking water. The exchange that took place was bizarre and embarrassing.


‘Wait, you put it in dirty water?’

The church member explained:

‘And then you can drink it after 10 to 12 hours.’

Trump then asked if he did it and if she would drink the water. She said she would, to which President Trump gave a disgusted look and said, “really?”

Instead of making the rounds to some of the more destroyed poor areas of town, where help is most likely needed, Trump visited several nicer gated communities that suffered very little damage during the category 5 hurricane that hit Puerto Rico.

You can see footage of Donald Trump during the supply throwing incident in the video below, courtesy of YouTube:

Featured Image via Getty Images

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