GOP Senator Screams At Constituent In The Street Like A Trump-Drunk Psychopath


What has this nation come to? In what dimension has it ever been okay for a state senator to act like a complete wack-job on camera, hurling insults at constituents who dared to question their performance as a state representative. It’s almost as if these people don’t realize that they are elected by the people, and it is those same people to whom they have to answer.

Idaho Republican Dan Foreman was just caught on camera shouting at a constituent in the street, even going as far as to use highly insensitive rhetoric like ‘tard’ to try to publicly humiliate the man who dared question his policies. According to reports, Foreman was at the Latah County Fair when he was apporached by a man unhappy with his work. That is when someone recording the alercation steps into the conversation.

Foreman can be heard saying:

“This guy says I’m not doing my job, and he’s lecturing me on the Constitution.”

The grown man-child then calls that voter a ‘liberal nut-tard’ before turning to leave with one last dose of professionalism:

“Go to hell, you son of a b*tch.”

Foreman was later interviewed by the Moscow-Pullman Daily News and issued the following demand for an apology:

“I would like to know why the Republicans get treated differently than the Democrats by the county fair. I want a personal apology for how we were treated.”

Just when you think he couldn’t get any less manly, he whines about being mistreated and demands an apology. It’s almost as if Donald Trump is making these conservative crybabies think that it’s okay to have zero shame.

Any normal person would be humiliated that they let a person bring them to that level with a question, but in Trump’s America, you act like an ass and then demand people apologize to you.

Anyone else miss the days of real men? When people like John Kennedy and Jimmy Carter ran this nation with pride, dignity, and honor?

Check out the video below and see for yourself just how psychotic Dan Foreman is: