Nancy Sinatra Just Called For The Execution Of NRA Members Via Firing Squad


The entire country has been in a state of shock since the horrendous massacre of innocent concert-goers on the Las Vegas strip Sunday night. When Stephen Paddock opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Casino and Hotel the hail of bullets drowned out the music and panicked people scattered from the site.

He was one shooter, with an arsenal of weapons modified to fire like automatic weapons. There were 58 people murdered and almost 500 injured before police broke into the hotel room and Paddock turned a weapon on himself. Elapsed time is estimated at 15 minutes, with thousands of rounds of ammunition spent.

One person that has been pretty vocal about gun control and standing up to the National Rifle Association (NRA) lately is Nancy Sinatra. While lending her star power to the issue, she has tweeted many times since the shootings occurred on October 1.

Those were pretty innocuous. She obviously is not a fan of President Donald Trump or the Second Amendment warriors. But those tweets didn’t really stir the pot too much. It was later that same morning that Sinatra posted a tweet that raised the hackles of the Second Amendment gun nuts.

That tweet was met with such an egregious amount of hate and venom that Sinatra ended up deleting it, but not before some screenshots of the comments were obtained. Sinatra did try to hold some civil discourse with Alex Griswold of FreeBeacon, but it didn’t stop the flow of hatred.

Even Dana Loesch tried to get in on the boot-stamping fun. But she still loves Old Blue Eyes.

Don Junior tried his hand at the insults too, but as usual, he fell flat on his face when he tweeted this insane nonsense that no one understands.

While we will probably hear about this for days, Sinatra deleted the tweet. Knowing the right wing, they will keep rehashing this tweet for the next year or two, every time the subject of Nancy Sinatra comes up. If she donates gobs of money to a great charity — “Yeah, but she wanted to put the NRA in front of a firing squad…” If she runs into a burning¬†animal shelter in the dead of night and saves 18 puppies from certain death — “Yeah, but she wanted to put the NRA in front of a firing squad…”

It really is true that elephants never forget.

Featured image from Twitter