Tomi Lahren Delivers Cringeworthy Response To Vegas Massacre Like A Dumb Blonde


Why do some gun advocates believe that they are impotent without free access to guns, lots of guns? The man in Las Vegas responsible for the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, who killed 58 people and wounded another 485, had 23 firearms in his hotel room. By that logic, he should have been the most powerful man in the country. One conservative Fox commentator still argues for total gun freedom.

Gun advocates often raise the issue of homeowners seeking protection, but the Las Vegas murderer was not defending his home. Although, he did set up cameras around his hotel room to warn him of advancing police.

Advocates also say that most killing is done by bad people from bad neighborhoods. There are two problems with that issue. By all accounts, the Las Vegas shooter was a millionaire from a very nice neighborhood. Secondly, this guy made up for a lot of gang violence within a span of nine minutes, or so.

Tomi Lahren is a conservative political commentator for Fox News and spokesperson for the Great America Alliance, which was created to support the Donald Trump agenda. She appeared on the The Sean Hannity Show to argue against on gun control.

Lahren caught conservatives’ attention with her video about the Chattanooga, Tennessee shooting, where a gunman killed four service members and wounded three. She famously said:

‘Fort Hood, Chattanooga, and San Bernardino are not “terrorist incidents.” They are attacks. Get that straight.’

After the Las Vegas shooting, she appeared on Hannity’s show to criticize those in the media and politicians who advocate for gun control legislation. Lahren was offended that they would make the legislative push right after the Vegas massacre.

The commentator told Hannity that she knows of hundreds of instances where a “good guy with a gun” saved lives. She also said that she prefers to be around people who have been to firearms training and carry guns. Then, she continued, saying:

‘Criminals, terrorists, psychos — they don’t obey our laws, they don’t care about your gun control and if anything, when you have a gun-free zone, you’re neutering everyone there.’

Lahren claimed that gun-free zones would be unsafe by definition. Hannity ate it up when she asked those on the left whether they believe a mass murder like the Las Vegas killer would even consider whether or not his gun was illegal or whether he broke other laws.

Check out Lahren arguing against “neutering” gun owners in the video below via Fox News:

Featured Image via Fox News Screen Grab.

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