Melania Just Compared Her Life With Trump To Being A Venezuelan Prisoner..Literally


In what can only be described as “bizarre” news, Melania Trump reportedly told the wife of an imprisoned opposition leader that she can relate to her husband’s situation.

Back in February, just after Donald Trump’s inauguration, Melania and her husband visited with Lilian Tintori, wife of Leopoldo López, a Venezuelan opposition leader. The meeting lasted around 40 minutes, during which Tintori begged the president to help get her husband freed from prison. In a bizarre turn of events, it’s revealed that Melania Trump confused everyone in the room when she told Tintori that she could personally relate to López’s situation.

Don’t get confused, though. Melania clarified, the Washington Post reports:

‘Melania said she sympathized with the conditions Tintori’s husband Leopoldo López, faced in jail back in Caracas because the White House often felt as confining as a prison.’

This is according to two people who spoke to the Washington Post. According to the witnesses, Trump agreed with the first lady.

The meeting took place back when the president was still really excited about his new job and was fully relishing every bit of attention he got. That is why it wasn’t surprising when Trump, despite not knowing much if anything about the situation Tintori’s husband was in and choosing to forego consultation with advisors, immediately jumped on Twitter, effectively ignoring American foreign policy.

Trump tweeted:

The photo was taken at the president’s insistence.

Despite the fact that he really didn’t have any idea about why the man was in prison or asking someone else to find out, he took to his favorite soapbox to ask that López be released from house arrest.

In the end, the president’s tweet did not lead to the release of Tintori’s husband, and he later was returned to a prison facility.

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