New Party Trust Poll Complete & The Results Will Send Trump Over The Edge


When the 2016 elections revealed Republicans had taken both the House and the Senate, it served as a grim message to Democrats – people had lost faith in their ability to get things done. Whether it was their own fault or the Republicans’ obstructionist ways can be debated. However, what cannot be debated is the American people voted a mass of Republicans into office, and the American people faced a Republican-led government.

The problem with that, however, is the fact that Republicans, despite their majority, cannot get anything passed. For years, they promised they would repeal Obamacare if they had the numbers. Ten months after being given the opportunity, they have yet to pull it off after around four attempts.

With that failure, the dissatisfaction of Americans is beginning to show in a most recent poll. The Suffolk University-USA Today survey has revealed registered voters are beginning to place more trust in Democrats rather than their party leaders after the consistent failings on the GOP’s part. The press release reported:

‘Voters’ assessment of the Republican Party has plummeted to 62 percent unfavorable/23 percent favorable, significantly changed from the 55 percent unfavorable/32 percent favorable registered in a June poll conducted by the Suffolk University Political Research Center. The Democratic Party recorded a 48 percent unfavorable/37 percent favorable rating in the most recent poll.’

If that’s not a huge, flashing, neon sign that says, “You’re screwing up,” to the Republican Party, then they are willingly blind to the desires and concerns of their constituency.

The director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, David Paleologos, remarked:

‘The Republican Party is in freefall. In March, the GOP had a 48 percent unfavorable rating, in June the negative swelled to 55 percent. Today the GOP unfavorable is 62 percent. What’s next?’

The poll also found that less than 10 percent believe Republicans have a true interest in the need for healthcare for Americans. Additionally, it found 45 percent want Congress to leave the skeleton of the ACA in place and just fix the underlying issues.

Additionally, the poll served as a referendum to President Donald Trump too.

‘Over 56 percent of voters said Trump has not delivered on his promises, while 33 percent said he has. Nearly 57 percent say that they want to elect a Congress that mostly stands up to Trump, while 33 percent want a Congress that mostly cooperates with Trump.’

His unfavorable rating now stands, according to the poll, at 57 percent – up two points from June.

Interestingly enough, the poll found 51 percent of registered voters are okay with professional athletes kneeling during the national anthem, which has been a hot-button issue as of late. Furthermore, the poll found that 68 percent believe Trump’s tweets blasting the NFL were inappropriate.

While we’re talking about the people’s feelings on Trump, the poll also found that 51 percent of registered voters would rather approach the ongoing issue with North Korea with diplomacy – not militarily (Trump’s favorite idea).

The methodology of the poll included:

‘The nationwide survey of 1,000 voters was conducted Sept. 27 through Oct. 1 using live telephone interviews of households where respondents indicated they were registered to vote. The margin of error is +/-3 percentage points at a 95 percent level of confidence.’

Featured image by Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images.

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