‘Newsweek’ Releases Humiliating New Trump Cover That Has W.H. Staff On Eggshells


The latest issue of Newsweek hasn’t even hit the newsstands yet, but it is already causing quite a stir in the market because of the cover.

Due out on October 13, 2017, the issue promises a study of Trump’s meteoric rise from sinner to a savior of the Christian Right. The cover boldly asks, “Does God believe in Trump?” and depicts a parody of the iconic painting “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo.

While Donald Trump is fully clothed and screaming, “You’re Fired,” the use of the comparison is quite apt, as the religious right took Trump and remade him into a savior much the same as God molding Adam. Disregarding his past, they molded him into a figure they consider worth worshiping.

Watching the rise of Trump to these exalted heights has been like watching a horror film. The daily “jump scares” whenever Trump’s thumbs hit the keyboard on his Twitter account are nerve-wracking. The entire nation sits on the edge of their seats wondering which world leader he will insult today.

The article headline promises the story of Trump’s rise from sinner to saint. We can’t wait to read it.

Featured image from Newsweek screengrab