W.H. Aide Reveals Senate Intel Committee/Russia Investigation Bombshell (DETAILS)


To people that are actually paying attention to what is happening in Washington DC, the report that aired last night on Rachel Maddow probably wasn’t a really big surprise. But today there is a new report that backs up what we’ve all been thinking — the Senate “Judiciary Committee is not, in fact, running a Trump-Russia investigation—at least, not a full-fledged one.”

In an exclusive from The Daily Beast:

‘A staffer for Grassley, speaking on the condition of anonymity to give his candid assessment, told The Daily Beast that the committee is instead engaged in routine oversight of the Justice Department—though under extraordinary circumstances.’

It was revealed that while the Judiciary Committee has busily occupied themselves with a flurry of activity, none of it really directed at coming to a conclusion. They have requested documents from the CIA, subpoenaed former campaign chair Paul Manafort, and spoke with Donald Trump, Jr. about his part in the meeting that took place in Trump Tower.

They held a formal-sounding subcommittee hearing called “Russian Interference in 2016 United States Election.” Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has issued press releases, one titled “Russia Probe.” They have requested a boatload of supporting documentation from everywhere and everyone.

The committee, and particularly Grassley, seem more intent on tearing up the FBI rather than investigating the extent of Russian influence in the U.S.

The continuing spinning of the wheels was revealed last night on Rachel Maddow as she exposed the committee’s claimed inability to contact and interview Christopher Steele, who compiled the infamous “Pee Tape Dossier.” The committee has claimed on numerous occasions that they have been unable to meet with Steele due to “scheduling conflicts.” It has been reported though, that Steele was more than willing to meet with the committee, if they would only contact him.

Apparently, Special Counsel Robert Mueller had no trouble contacting Steele and arranging a meeting. According to Grassley’s senate website, the FBI surveillance authority was granted on the “unverified political opposition dossier” supplied by Steele. Grassley has been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to tie the FBI to Steele, even accusing them of hiring the ex-spy to gather information on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

Meanwhile, Mueller is busy verifying that “unverified political opposition dossier.” As we watch the wheels spin on the senate committee that goes nowhere, we can watch the progress of Mueller and hope that he concludes his investigation before Trump is able to completely destroy the world.

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