BREAKING: Trump Admin Caught In Widespread Plot To Stop ‘Non Whites’ From Voting


Documents reveal that Donald Trump’s election commission leader Kris Kobach tried to make it harder for Americans to register to vote.

After the ACLU sued to make the documents public, a federal court released the voter suppression documents. Top Democrats have come forward to speak out against the appalling proposal.

Kris Kobach, the head of Donald Trump’s “Election Integrity Commission” and Kansas’ Secretary of State, is supposed to be detecting voter fraud. Instead, he’s been trying to deny American voters their right by fabricating and acting on a scheme to purposely suppress non-white voters polling access. The idea is that Republicans will get more future votes.

The proposal, outlined in the documents, was made in 2016 and is all the proof anyone needs to see that despite his supposed commitment to preventing voter fraud he’s instead been conspiring to suppress what would likely be Democratic votes. Kobach’s exaggeration of the frequency of voter fraud only echoes Trump’s dramatic and statistically wrong “3 to 5 million illegal aliens voted for Hillary Clinton.”

Out of 1.8 million registered voters in the state of Kansas, Kobach found a grand total of 2 illegal immigrants.

Kobach fought tooth and nail to keep these documents suppressed and was later fined for denying they existed. The documents contained a section that said immigrants must provide proof of citizenship.

Mother Jones reports:

‘Kobach’s proposal is modeled after a law in Kansas requiring citizenship documents to register to vote, such as a birth certificate, a password, or naturalization papers. Since the law went into effect in 2013, one in seven Kansans trying to register have been prevented from doing so. Nearly half of those 30,000 people have been under the age of 30. A federal appeals court blocked a key part of the law last year, ruling that “there was an almost certain risk that thousands of otherwise qualified Kansans would be unable to vote in November.” Kobach has appeared that ruling.’

Trump is executing his plan to completely rebuild the judiciary branch of the U.S. government. Unfortunately, his plan only benefits him. Thankfully, with this federal court victory, the American people can take comfort in knowing that judges don’t bow to the president or his cronies.

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