BREAKING: Trump Executive Order To Be Spitefully Signed Next Week; It’s Sick


President Trump has long been taking aim at The Affordable Care Act, which was passed under former President Obama in 2010, and has attempted three times now to pass the his own TrumpCare legislation with the help of the GOP and it has failed. Trump already said in a CBN interview that he would be very angry if it didn’t pass:

‘I don’t even want to talk about it because I think it would be very bad,” Trump said in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network. “I will be very angry about it and a lot of people will be very upset.’

Now, according to The Wall Street Journal, he is going to sign an executive order next week rolling back some of the regulations set forth under the Affordable Care Act. If Congress won’t do it, Trump has decided that it will happen no matter what he has to do. According to The Journal:

‘The order is aimed at expanding insurance options for Americans who buy coverage on their own or work for a small employer, and would include broad instructions for agencies to explore ways to loosen regulations and potentially lower premiums, as well as looking at three specific areas of health insurance. It has been anticipated by industry officials and political observers in the days since the GOP repeal effort crashed.’

Republicans feel like the insurance rules under the Affordable Care Act have driven up premiums in the individual and small group markets, and say this makes healthy people have to subsidize the costs for sicker people. Trump will also roll back the regulation requiring that health insurance plans cover a set package of benefits, but will bring back the option of “short-term medical insurance,” which the Obama Administration felt was inadequate for people’s needs.

The executive order will also require agencies to expand health reimbursement accounts through employers, which people can put money into to pay for their medical expenses. According to The Journal:

‘The three moves would represent the most substantive step the White House has taken to date in paring back Affordable Care Act rules using administrative powers. They don’t go as far as many critics of the law would like but are likely to be followed by other steps, administration officials said.’

On Saturday, Trump tweeted that he called Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to discuss healthcare reform.

A few people had some strong opinions for him as well.

Trump is desperate for a victory and if he has to pass another executive order to make it happen, he will.

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