‘CNN Saturday’ Makes Trump Admin Indictment Announcement That Will Change America Forever


As the entire country waits to find out whether or not the current president will even make it through a single term in office, Mueller’s investigation appears to be heating up, and a former prosecutor says that he definitely “expects indictments” to be handed down over the Trump/Russia probe.

Ken Starr, former prosecutor and independent counsel who oversaw the investigation for which Bill Clinton was impeached, spoke to reporters at CNN on Saturday with his expert opinion on the trajectory of Mueller’s investigation.

‘Given what we do know, especially given what happened this summer with respect to the FBI’s intrusion into Paul Manafort’s condominium, in light of the revelations that we’ve seen about General Flynn, I have a sense that there will, in fact, be indictments…There may be guilty pleas and so forth, but we shall see.’

Starr does not believe, however, that those indictments will be reserved for Trump campaign officials and former cabinet members.

‘What I find very interesting, very briefly, is in light of the information that is now coming out with respect to Russian attempts to influence both the national election and 21 different states, what I expect to see is serious consideration of indicting one or more foreign nationals.’

Starr previously predicted that President Trump will be called by Mueller to testify under oath. Considering Trump’s tendency to lie, embellish, and exaggerate, testifying under oath has a great likelihood of resulting in the Trump presidency suffering the same fate as Clinton’s, ending in an impeachment for obstruction of justice and lying under oath.

New broke in September that Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign manager, was warned at the time of the raid on his home that he should “expect an indictment.” Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has reportedly offered to give up information in exchange for immunity, although he’s had no luck with that offer so far.

Whether or not Starr is accurate in his prediction remains to be seen, but it certainly has appeared in recent weeks that Mueller’s investigation has both expanded and accelerated. With probes into Trump’s business and financial ties, what evidence of possible collusion may turn up next is anyone’s guess.


Featured image via Getty/Alex Wong