JUST IN: Congressman Makes Weekend Trump Resignation Announcement & Twitter Is Lit Up


The president continues to put the nation in danger with his continued belligerent pronouncements on issues of foreign policy, including, most recently, Saturday afternoon tweets strongly implying that he intends to start a war with North Korea — even though that war would put untold millions of people in danger.

California’s Democratic U.S. Representative Ted Lieu is among the millions of Americans who have had enough.

On Saturday afternoon, Trump wrote a message on Twitter reading, in part, as follows:

‘Presidents… have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid hasn’t worked… Sorry, but only one thing will work!’

Although, considering his other comments, the “one thing” that the president has in mind is no doubt military aggression, Rep. Lieu decided to spin his words a different — and more accurate — way.

Replying to the president on Twitter, Rep. Lieu commented that the only thing that will really work to ease tensions with the North Koreans is for Trump to resign.

He wrote:

‘Dear [Donald Trump]: Is that one thing you resigning? I’m sure your generals told you there are zero good military options against N Korea.’

In a follow up tweet, Rep. Lieu noted the massive likely human impact of war with North Korea, writing:

‘Dear [Donald Trump]: Estimates of war casualties with N Korea could be 2.1 million dead and 7.7 million injured. Get the problem yet?’

Not only have the North Koreans carried on with an increased campaign of aggression against the United States since Trump took office, but the president himself has been egging them on, in a sense.

With his ever increasing repertoire of provocative statements against the country, the North Koreans have found exactly the excuse they have so long searched for to carry on against the United States and the West as a whole even more than before.

Besides having long taken to calling the North Korean dictator “Rocket Man,” he has also long carried on with a campaign of wide open verbal aggression, threatening to wipe North Korea off the map if given the opportunity. After a recent tweet of his suggesting that North Korean leadership would not “last much longer,” North Korea issued a statement saying they interpreted the president’s statements as a declaration of war.

Read Twitter’s response to Rep. Lieu below.

Featured Image via Joshua Blanchard/Stringer/Getty Images

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