JUST IN: Extensive Trump Approval Ratings Released; Numbers Show Dramatic Recent Change


Donald Trump had a terrible week. First, there was his belated, empathy-lacking trip to Puerto Rico, where he tossed paper towels to people without water. Then, he found out his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, allegedly called him a “moron,” and the whole world knows. This latest news was worst of all.​

The Associated Press (AP)-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research just released its September results about how the public sees the president. They questioned 1,150 adults to find out how this random sampling felt about Trump’s ability to empathize with people’s problems, his temperament, and his overall job rating.

The AP-NORC poll found overall that people basically believed that Trump just did not understand their problems and needs. In addition, they could not call him any of these descriptors: a strong leader, level-headed, or honest.

A meager 19 percent of the interviewees said that the president did understand the problems and needs of individuals similar to themselves either extremely or very well. Only 17 percent said he understood them moderately well, and a full 64 percent believed he understands their needs and problems not very well or even not well at all.

When asked about how well the president understood the problems of people, they responded:

September AP-NORC Poll.

The percentage of people interviewed that felt Trump was a strong leader was a mere 26 percent, and just 23 percent believed he was honest. Sixteen percent would call him level-headed, and Republicans tended to use these words to describe the president.

September AP-NORC Poll.

Donald Trump is on a full downward trend. A minimal 32 percent approved of how he was doing his job, with 67 percent disapproving. In March, Americans gave him a 42 percent rating. Those approving in June numbered 35 percent.

When separated out, the Republicans still give him a 67 percent approval rating. However, that is down dramatically from March, when he got an 80 percent approval.

Independents gave him a 28 percent approval rating, while only five percent of Democrats thought Trump was doing his job well. That five percent was nearly within the margin of error. In March, nearly double that amount, 11 percent, approved.

This poll was conducted nation-wide from September 28 through October 2, 2017. The online and telephone interviews of 1,150 adults were conducted with both cell phones and landlines. The margin of error was 4.1+/- percentage points.

To read the entire poll, click on this link.

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