Restaurant Owner Posts Hateful Pro-Trump Rant & Immediately Gets A Hilarious Awakening


Last month, a bar in Minnesota was forced to close after it was found that the owner was donating money to former KKK leader, David Duke. After the staff and many others found out they were working for a hugely bigoted and racist owner, they either quit their jobs or decided not to play music or hold their events in the club.

Now, the owners of a restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, have put themselves in a similar situation. Cup It Up American Grill is facing a major backlash because of what they chose to post on Facebook on Saturday. In a bizarre right-wing political rant, they stated:

‘We believe in and support 100 percent the following: “OUR PRESIDENT — Donald J. Trump,” “Always Standing for the National Anthem,” “Repealing Obama Care,” “Drug screening for welfare recipients” and “In God We Trust.”

‘We DON’T believe in or support the following: “Those that DON’T respect our President, Armed Forces and First Responders,” “Kneeling for the National Anthem,” “ANTIFA,” “Fake News” and “Global Warming.’

According to

‘The post, drafted by owners Christopher Smith and Jay Warren, was apparently in response to the ongoing debate about NFL players kneeling for the national anthem to protest racial inequality. President Trump recently joined the public discourse, calling for players to be fired and fans to boycott.’

The owners’ post went up right before lunch and immediately attracted so much attention that the owners took it down three hours later, after at least 60 people had shared it and over 30 had commented. Here are some of the comments they garnered:
The owners of Cup It Up American Grill, Christopher Smith and Jay Warren, issued a public statement saying:

‘Our decision to bring our personal political beliefs into a business forum is regretful, and for this we apologize to all.’

The owner pair also said they:

‘never ever fathomed this would create such negative and hateful responses, including threats to burn down our building with us inside.

‘These types of comments have no place regardless of anyone’s political beliefs. We assumed there would be some discussion and shares, but never this type of animosity and hostility.’

It sounds like this could be the end of a previously well-liked local business.

Featured image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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