San Juan Mayor Posts Desperate Plea After Trump Bashed Her In Weekend Interview


When Donald Trump flew down to Puerto Rico for his PR stunt to show the world he was “helping” the Puerto Rican people after the devastating effect Hurricane Maria had on the island, he probably thought it would all be smiles and giggles there on out. However, one person isn’t letting him just get away with throwing a few rolls of paper towels to a crowd of suffering people, and that person is San Juan’s Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

In several tweets on Sunday morning, she blasted the U.S. government for its slow response to help Puerto Rico – especially in areas that need help the most. She specifically pointed out the need for water. Furthermore, she noted that the power in the San Juan hospital collapsed and FEMA had yet to offer any assistance.

Her tweets, will of course, probably warrant an unpresidential Twitter tantrum from Trump. However, it serves as a grim reminder to the American people that the current administration holds us back from doing the most basic of decent things and that is helping our neighbors when they are in need. Thanks to bureaucratic red tape, we can’t be the country we once were known to be.

You can check out the responses to Cruz’s tweets below.


Featured image screen capture from Youtube.

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