Trump Defends Throwing Supplies At Storm Victims In The Dumbest Way Imaginable


Recently, a video of Donald Trump throwing paper towels to survivors of Hurricane Maria went viral. Trump faced broad criticism for what many saw as an incredibly out-of-touch and insensitive food. These people do not have adequate supplies, and are still without power, and Trump’s idea of a photo op is to throw paper towel rolls at them one at a time.

Well, Trump, never one to bear criticism with even the slightest hint of class, is deciding to re-litigate the moment. In an interview with Governor Mike Huckabee, Trump said:

‘We started with Texas, and Louisiana. Don’t forget, Louisiana got hit hard. And I went to Texas, and I went to Louisiana, and met the people, and I think it helped.

‘And we got very high marks. We got A pluses. And then, before we had a chance to even breathe, we had a big one hit Florida. A big one. A vicious one.

‘We got really high marks on Florida, Louisiana, Texas…’

Let’s pause here for a moment to consider what Trump means by “A pluses” and “high marks.” He’s speaking of media coverage and how his response is perceived. So good media reports? High marks, I did great! Bad media? Let’s find out:

‘…and I think I did at least as well on Puerto Rico. The problem is, Puerto Rico was in bad shape before I ever got there. Their electric company was a disaster. Their grid was down.’

No, Trump. It wasn’t.

Trump and Huckabee then discuss positive reception from the governor and certain mayors after this. It’s important to note that the governor, congresswoman, and other people are Democrats who are critical of Trump.

Why, then, would they have kind words? Well, if you were dealing with an egomaniac who held the help you needed for your people, what would you say and do? Look at how Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz of San Juan has been treated. Now imagine if every official had been honest and critical.

Trump’s response has been roundly criticized by disaster experts as well as people who have handled other disasters successfully. He didn’t hold a single meeting about Puerto Rico for days after the hurricane, and didn’t prepare logistic solutions for an island with no roads. There were not enough helicopters or hands on the ground nearly fast enough. We had a better response to the earthquake in Haiti — and earthquakes don’t let you know they’re coming a week in advance.

“Is that frustrating to you? Huckabee asked. “That you get it great from the local officials, who actually know, but different from the media?”

The media who gave Trump “A pluses” and “high marks” for not making Texas and Florida worse — keep that in mind:

‘Well it is – and I will say this – it’s fake news. There’s nothing else you can say about it.’

He then went on to trash the mayor of San Juan, one of the key voices criticizing her response. Unlike others, she wasn’t cowed by threats from the Trump administration, and so Trump is raking her over the coals — despite the fact she was personally saving people while Trump played golf. Her interviews got the most attention by news media viewers because of her passion and directness — networks interviewed many other officials, despite Trump’s insistence otherwise. That knowledge is just a google search away.

‘So we did a great job. And we weren’t treated fairly by the media, because we really did a good job. I mean one example — they had these beautiful soft towels. Very good towels. And I came in, and there was a crowd of a lot of people. And they were screaming, and they were loving everything.

‘And I was having fun. They were having fun! They said “throw them to me, throw them to me!” So the next day they said, “oh, it was so disrespectful to the people.” It was just a made up thing.’

That’s because it was disrespectful, you senseless moron. Any person with a single iota of common sense or social skills would know it was disrespectful, inappropriate, and so, so incredibly, obviously, embarrassingly out-of-touch.

You can watch the video of his full interview below:

Featured image via video screen capture