Trump Jr. Rants About Harvey Weinstein On Twitter Like Man Obsessed With Sex Assault


A shared trait among the Trump family is to go into defense mode anytime they are called out for anything they’ve done wrong by pointing fingers and yelling that someone else has done something worse. When news of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual harassment and sexual assault broke, the Trump kids – and especially Donald Trump, Jr. – seized on the story as the perfect opportunity to slam everyone in Hollywood, as well as a woman who is no longer even in the running for political office, Hillary Clinton.

Junior has been on a glee fest for three days running, slamming Clinton and any celebrity who has ever criticized his father as enablers and even supporters of Weinstein’s deplorable actions. Somehow, he seems to believe that Hillary Clinton is complicit in Weinstein’s actions because she has not given a public statement. As for Hollywood, many have spoken out and others seem to be moving along with their lives, not at all surprised by an issue that women commonly face every day: sexual harassment in the workplace.

After the criticism by Hollywood of President Trump’s disgusting comments toward women, Muslims, a disabled reporter, and anyone else his supporters like to vilify, Junior seems to think that because yet another man has been revealed to be a misogynist, that criticism now holds no weight in light of the fact that some other man has been found to be yet another sexual abuser. One would think that the Trumps would want to avoid the subject of sexual harassment altogether, considering that he has settled numerous lawsuits and faced multiple accusations of his own, but instead the “what about isms” have begun yet again.

This time, it isn’t just the accused the Trumps are gloating about, it’s every single person who ever knew Harvey Weinstein, criticized Donald Trump, or accepted a campaign donation from Weinstein.

For his part, Trump Sr. is quite friendly with several sexual abusers himself. Bill O’Reilly of Fox News and Roger Ailes, founder of Trump’s favorite faux news network, have both been revealed to have long histories of sexual harassment. Trump’s response to the news has remained the same: they’re both “good guys.” Yet Junior wants every single person who ever criticized his father to make a public statement of condemnation against Weinstein.

Does he not understand that having a sexual abuser as the president of the United States is significantly more frightening than yet another sexual abuser in Hollywood?

Twitter was quick to respond to Junior’s nonsense.

Featured image via Getty/CBS News Archives

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