JUST IN: Bannon Goes For GOP Jugular During Crazy Hannity Interview (VIDEO)


Before President Donald Trump took office, Sean Hannity was just a simple conspiracy nut with a talk show. He was honest at least about one thing. He was no journalist. He literally remarked back in 2016:

‘I’m not a journalist, I’m a talk show host.’

Furthermore, he also tweeted:

‘I’m not a journalist jackass. I’m a talk host.’

hannity JUST IN: Bannon Goes For GOP Jugular During Crazy Hannity Interview (VIDEO) Donald Trump Featured Politics Television Top Stories

Duly noted “Mr. Talk Host.”

However, when Trump took office, you could say Hannity got a bump up the ladder — especially since Trump can’t really go on any other network and face the real questions. Any Republican who wants an easy interview should go on Hannity. He’s literally admitted he is soft on Republicans.

‘If I’m interviewing Hillary Clinton, it’s gonna be a hundred times harder than any Republican, because I believe the Republicans represent, and have a far better vision, one that I agree with, I just have less disagreement with them.’

So, seeing Hannity salivate lasciviously over his chance to interview former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon isn’t all that surprising. It’s like giving Hannity a shot of Red Bull mixed with Viagra and speed. It’s right up his alley. Hannity could be considered the most extreme right-winger at Fox News. Steve Bannon is Hannity’s Farrah Fawcett poster on his bedroom wall.

Hannity brought Bannon on to weigh in on the feud between Trump and Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), who recently announced he would not seek reelection. In addition, Bannon weighed in on how establishment Republicans are out to destroy the American nationalist populist dream.

First thing, Hannity immediately flew into insulting Corker, calling him an elitist snob. Bannon went on, weighing in that the entire “establishment globalist clique on Capitol Hill” is the reason why repeal and replace, tax reform, and immigration reform can’t be passed.

‘When you want to talk about why there’s no repeal and replace, why there’s no tax cut, no tax reform, no infrastructure bill, you saw it right there. Corker… McConnell and Corker and the entire clique, establishment globalist clique on Capitol Hill have to go.’

Hannity went on to criticize Republicans as “weak and lacking identity” and labeled Ben Sasse, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Corker, and even Mitch McConnell as “THE Swamp.”

Bannon went on to call Corker a “disgrace” and called for him to resign immediately.

He also described Trump’s agenda — a racist, misogynist, xenophobic mish-mash of word salad – as the agenda “that works” and what the American people really want. He then basically said Republicans needed to fall in line and follow Trump without question. He then revealed a coalition would challenge every Republican incumbent except for Ted Cruz. He said announcements would come in the next week or so as to who would be challenging the incumbents.

Hannity then remarked that Bannon had said during an interview he was a “streetfighter.” Hannity then sheepishly tried to tell Bannon he was one too.  Bannon remarked, “I noticed that.”

Bannon went on to call trade deals that have been established in the past as “economic hate crimes” against working men and women. Hannity then asked if Bannon was declaring war on the establishment, and Bannon commented:

‘One hundred percent. We are declaring war on Republican establishment that doesn’t back the agenda that Donald Trump ran on and the president of the United States, and that is an agenda that we know backs the working men and women…’

Bannon added his coalition and grassroots organizations would cut off the oxygen to Mitch McConnell. Additionally, he said that to take back the country it would take more than one election. It was something that would take five to twenty years of daily work.

Hannity then fawned over Ted Cruz and told Bannon that he was glad they weren’t going after him.

The takeaway? Steve Bannon is a honey badger and is planning a revolution that will last decades to bring about the vision of America he perceives as wholesome, and Hannity is a total fangirl over it. God help us all.

You can watch the full interview below.


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