Kellyanne Goes On ‘Fox News’ To Defend Pence’s PR Stunt & It Backfires Instantly


Kellyanne Conway is used to making a complete fool of herself on national television, and while she is good at not breaking, her shame is written all over her face every time she goes before the camera. It wasn’t that long ago that Conway was exposed as a total fraud when video was released of her calling Trump a crook for refusing to pay contractors who had worked for him.

That completely shifted when Trump decided he needed some estrogen on his team after a multitude of sexist attacks on females came to light.

Kellyanne became Trump’s official ass-kisser, and the rest is history.

So after VP Pence’s multi-million dollar PR stunt at Sunday’s Colts/49ers game, it was only natural that Conway lend her expertise to the conversation via Fox News.

Conway said:

“Well, Peyton Manning was being honored before the game. He was there for the pre-game. It takes a lot to get that man’s blood boiling. To call that a political stunt is truly outrageous, egregious and offensive.”

Fox News’ Steve Doocy responds:

“When did the vice president and the president talk about doing this?”

Conway replied:

“Well, they talk every day.”

Doocy kept pushing to topic:

“So, they worked this out last week?”

That’s when Conway got annoyed. She interrupted:

“Hold on. They talk every day. And they certainly have talked about this issue.”

Check out the video below of Conway’s tired performance: