Pence Just Responded To PR Stunt Backlash Like A Scared, Coattail-Riding Loser


Mike Pence always has a lost look on his face, and no one can tell if he is legally blind and struggling to see, or if he is blinded by the embarrassment of being part of the most crooked and ignorant administration to ever control the White House. Either way, the man is a derp.

On Sunday, Pence made the terrible mistake of going along with one of Trump’s cockamamie plans to waste taxpayer dollars for the purpose of making a political statement that most of the nation disagreed with; and all just to please the ignorant south.

After it was revealed that the trip had cost Americans over $200,000, the internet went berserk with major backlash over the planned stunt.

Now, the vice president’s camp has spoken out about that backlash with the dumbest remark one could ever utter:

That’s right, folks. According to VP Pence’s team, he has actually saved taxpayers money by flying himself and secret service members to a televised NFL game only to walk out before the game had even begun so the reporters he staged outside the stadium could catch him as he stormed off in phony protest.

Sounds legit.

According to Daily KOS, the idea is ludicrous:

“The idea that Mike Pence would have to fly back to Washington D.C. just to find somewhere to lay his head is beyond ludicrous. He was in Las Vegas. Was the city completely booked?”

What do you think? Was Pence wrong?