President Trump’s Lazy Monday Plans Revealed & Americans Are Fed Up (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is redefining government waste and excess. After making headlines for yet another inappropriate administration use of taxpayer dollars for jets, with Mike Pence unnecessarily flying hundreds of miles just to grandstand and campaign, Trump has made the interesting call to go on vacation. Again.

Today, Trump plans to golf at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia. This is his 71st golfing outing since taking office less than a year ago, and the 91st outing at a Trump property. He’s spent over 750 hours doing so. Not only that, but every time he visits a Trump property, he personally profits, with the Secret Service and other government officials using Trump golf carts, rooms, etc.

Estimates show a total cost to the taxpayers of over $70 million in less than a year. President Obama’s vacations, by contrast, cost a total of $97 million over eight years. Trump is on track to vacation more, and spend more taxpayer money, than President Obama by an order of magnitude. It may be Columbus Day today, but Trump is not a schoolchild – and this isn’t a one-day vacation. It’s part of a trend of waste and excess by the laziest person to ever reside in the White House.

Trump’s newest vacation, an attempt to work out a deal with newfound ally Lindsey Graham (R-SC), takes place as the death count in Puerto Rico continues to climb, relatively unreported, and completely ignored by the maliciously incompetent administration. Officially, only 36 people have died. Yet morgues and funeral homes report “dozens” of dead, with nowhere to keep the bodies.

It’s expected that Trump’s outing today is related to the bipartisan DREAM bill being worked on in the Senate. Graham is one of those working to get the bill passed, which would provide a pathway to citizenship for many of those impacted by Trump’s poor decision to end DACA. Today, the White House released key anti-immigration points they want passed in exchange for any bill.

One of the most notable things about Trump’s golf habit is the sheer, blatant hypocrisy. It’s a fact that Trump’s early, real political capital gains came from attacks on President Obama, whose opponents ate it up. The nerve needed to turn right around and do the same thing three times as often is incredible, and the irony has not been lost on the American people. Here’s a compilation of Trump’s golf hypocrisy, courtesy of Fusion:

Featured image via Ian MacNicol/Getty Images