Trump Rages About North Korea And Ungrateful Puerto Ricans In Psycho AM Tweets


Poor Trump. The country is not nearly appreciative enough of the hard work he’s doing. After all, ridiculous tweets don’t just write themselves, and how dare anyone criticize his Twitter rants on North Korea after he worked so very hard to come up with a good schoolyard bully nickname for their very dangerous leader? And what is up with those lazy, ungrateful Puerto Ricans? Why can’t they take a break from suffering without clean drinking water or electricity to praise Trump instead of telling news reporters how terrible the conditions are there?

Poor Trump, indeed.

Has there ever been a more frightening time to be a citizen of the United States? With this president in office, a war may break out any second and if you live in a state that didn’t vote for the president or doesn’t have enough electoral votes to help him out in the next election, you can count out any idea you had that Trump will provide proper aid or sympathy afterward.

Twitter weighed in on the latest Trump Twitter rants, and seemed none too happy about it.

Featured image via Getty/Mandel Ngan

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