Trump Tries And Hilariously Fails To Deliver A Brutal Comeback To NBC’s ‘Moron’ Story


It’s well known by now that the president freaks out at even the perception of a slight to his public image, so it’s no wonder that the emergence of the allegation that his Secretary of State called him a “fucking moron” has set him off.

In the context of this story, the president is reportedly putting his snowflake-esque sensitivity on display in a new way. He’s long, of course, been harsh in his relationship with the media, particularly when it comes to CNN.

NBC is the outlet that first broke the story of the Secretary of State allegedly calling the president a moron. The story has since been repeated by other outlets, although unsurprisingly, the president and the Secretary of State have both denied the allegations, at least in part. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declined to shoot down the assertion that he’d referred to the president as a “fucking moron” following a particularly tumultuous July Cabinet meeting.

Now, in response to the allegations, Trump has reportedly turned his all too familiar anti-media ire against NBC, the network that, as mentioned, broke the story of the original allegations about Tillerson. One White House official speaking to the Daily Beast revealed that the president spends his daily time in front of the television describing NBC as “fake” and out to “get” him in much the “same way he [recently] did with CNN.”

Additionally, the president has, according to two individuals close to our nation’s chief executive, taken to describing NBC as “run by morons,” in a clear attempt to turn the language they used against him back at them.

Rather than, say, hold meetings with the Secretary of State or his representatives in an attempt to shore up their relationship, the president has been spending his days griping at the television like the quintessential angry and clueless entitled rich man that he is. It’s not as though the fraying of the relationship between the president and the Secretary of State is of no consequence, either; Tillerson is the face of the United States for many foreign interests — or, he should be at least. If a rift is perceived between him and the president, then America’s global standing is set to decline even more.

As the Daily Beast itself notes, this is far from the first time that the president has responded to a crisis of any magnitude in this manner. He routinely responds to reporting on negative aspects of his administration not by engaging like an adult but instead by shouting — metaphorically or literally — “Fake news!”

In classic guilty party style, the president has repeatedly taken allegations against him and turned them back at the accuser, even if doing so makes no sense. For example, he has responded to allegations against his team of collusion with the Russians by accusing Hillary Clinton’s team of collusion with the Russians.

Through all of this, he has shown no sign of letting up on his belligerent attacks on the media and free speech. His attacks aren’t just private; he has continued to rage tweet against the network in the days since the story broke as well.

Featured Image via The Washington Post/Contributor/ Getty Images

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