JUST IN: Tillerson’s Possible Replacement Caught Shadily Entering White House (IMAGES)


The relationship between President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was thrown into chaos after Tillerson reportedly went into tirade mode in anger directed at the president, threatened to resign, and made comments about Trump being a “moron” over the summer. Tillerson has since denied that he considered leaving his post, but never denied that he called Trump a “f*cking moron.”

Although Trump insisted afterward that the report was “fake news” and that he continued to have “complete confidence” in his choice for secretary of state, the relationship appears to have been damaged irreparably. During an interview published on Tuesday morning, Trump made an off-hand comment that had to have stung when he told reporters that he would challenge Tillerson to an “IQ test” challenge.

‘I think it’s fake news, but if he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win.’

CNN revealed that as Trump met with Secretary of State Tillerson later on Tuesday, a familiar face was spotted entering the White House. CNN caught footage of John Bolton, former contender for secretary of state, arriving during the meeting.

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Bolton’s visit comes as quite a surprise considering his previous complaints that he was one of the people whose access to the president had been restricted when Trump’s new chief of staff replacing Steve Bannon, John Kelly, decided to try to “control the information” being fed to Trump because of the chaotic atmosphere in the Trump administration’s early days.

Bolton, who served as acting ambassador to the United Nations under President Bush despite opposition from Democrats at the time, even penned an op-ed in the far-right publication National Review in his ire at being kept away from the president despite Trump’s requests for advice on Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

‘Trump asked repeatedly for alternatives to acquiescing yet again in a policy he clearly abhorred. But no such options were forthcoming, despite “a sharp series of exchanges” between the president and his advisers, as the New York Times and similar press reports characterized it. Many outside the administration wondered how this was possible: Was Trump in control, or were his advisers?’

The appearance of Bolton has, quite understandably, raised suspicions as to the purpose of his visit with Trump, especially considering the recent upheaval between the president and Secretary Tillerson. Is there a replacement at the ready?

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