Meghan McCain Attempts To Defend NFL Owners On ‘The View’ But Gets Humiliated In 5 Seconds


Vice President Mike Pence made quite a scene on Sunday when he stormed out of the Colts-49ers game after seeing dozens of players kneel in protest during the national anthem. A number of media personalities have commented on his walkout over the last few days, including Meghan McCain, who recently became a co-host on ABC’s The View.

During Tuesday’s taping of the show, McCain called the protests “disrespectful” and said that she would have walked out of Sunday’s game if she had been there with Pence.

Later during the show, 49ers safety Eric Reid, one of the many players who has chosen to kneel during the anthem, appeared via satellite to discuss his reasons for doing so. Reid explained,

‘When I first joined Colin [Kaepernick] in the protests, it was following the aftermath of Alton Sterling…At that point I knew I had to do something and speak out for people who don’t have a voice.’

Reid added that, specifically, he wanted to use his “platform” to address “police brutality” and “systemic oppression of black and brown people.”

He also clarified that the protests are “definitely not about the anthem, the flag or the military.”

‘We decided to kneel as a sign of respect, so it’s very confusing to me that it’s been misconstrued as disrespectful.’

After Reid went on to discuss both Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones requiring his players to stand during the anthem and President Trump’s description of protesters as “sons of b*tches,” McCain interjected to say that she was going to be a “little bit of a voice of dissension” on the issue.

Before McCain got into her “dissension,” Reid told her that he has “the utmost respect for your father, my mother who served, and anyone who serves and protects our country.”

McCain went on to ask Reid if he would have felt “oppressed” if she had walked out of Sunday’s game like Pence did.

Reid responded:

‘You’re not the vice president of the United States… He went to that game knowing we’re going to protest again. He went to that game knowing he was going to leave so he could misconstrue our message more.’

McCain then asked Reid what he wants to see happen as a result of the protests.

He explained:

‘This is not about disrespecting the military or the anthem. Moving forward, I think something has to be done. In regards to police brutality, I don’t think they should be able to use lethal force when a citizen is unarmed. That’s a very simple start.’

Watch Reid’s comments in the video below, available via YouTube.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.

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