Trump Begins Revenge Campaign & Makes NFL Tax Announcement That Would Change Football


President Trump is known to go on massive, day-long twitter rants whenever something that he does not approve of takes place. As of late, more and more NFL players from various teams have been choosing to take a knee to protest the deaths of black Americans at the hands of police officers. Trump, however, does not take this as a peaceful protest but feels as though it is a personal attack against America and the American flag.

Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to throw out another complaint about the NFL, inquiring as to why they get tax breaks while “disrespecting the anthem, flag, and country.”

Many users on Twitter wondered why Trump felt he could complain about taxes, considering the vice-president just used taxpayers’ money to stage a protest of his own. Pence attended a Colts game and walked out mid-anthem after witnessing players on the field take a knee. This apparently was a mastermind plan set up by the president himself.

By Trump’s logic, since taking a knee is so disrespectful, would Pence not have disrespected the anthem himself by standing up and walking out in the middle of it?

You can view some of the responses to Trump’s tweet below.

Featured image via Getty Images.

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