Trump Jolts Awake At 3:13AM, Gets Online, & Live Tweets A 6 Post Mental Collapse Like A Whacko


If there was ever any doubt that Donald Trump is truly unfit to sit in the White House, his tweets erase all of them. On Tuesday morning, Trump’s mega rant on a grab bag of topics is enough to make any American truly concerned for the future of our country.

At a time when Washington insiders describe the White House as a “pressure cooker” with Trump ready to blow at any moment, the tweets serve as a reminder that the current administration is a scattered, ill-prepared mess. With Mueller closing in on Trump’s alleged campaign collusion with Russia, Bob Corker’s biting criticism of Trump’s fitness to lead, and the failure of Trump to negotiate any deals with Congress due to his childish squabbling with members of his own base, the president is ever at the ready to lash out at everyone he can on social media to distract, deflect, and soothe his fragile ego.

That’s what passes for normal these days.

Twitter responded to the president with swift condemnation.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube

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