BREAKING: Congressman Introduces Articles Of Trump Impeachment (DETAILS)


Now that powerful Republican Senator Bob Corker has come out denouncing the president’s ability to function in his role as leader of the free world, people are worried. Reporters are covering the airwaves with clips about many other off-the-record Republicans voicing the same concerns about Donald Trump. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is burning hot to extremely hot. What’s next? The answer is, of course, the inevitable.

Corker heads the important Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and used to be a strong supporter of Donald Trump. Yet, over the past several months, he has been extremely critical of the president. He has accused Trump of undermining Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s diplomatic efforts with North Korea.

Then, according to The New York Times, the senator said this about Tillerson, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and Defense Secretary James Mattis:

‘Those people that help separate our country from chaos.’

The Times reported that later, he responded to one of the president’s emotional early-morning tweets:

‘It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.’

The senator is not running for election again, so he has the courage to speak freely. Monday, the Times reported that Corker said the president could start “World War III.” In the face of such a dangerous situation, what are people to do?

Congressman Al Green of Texas was the first to call for Trump’s impeachment for “obstruction of justice” in the House. As a result, his office received death threats after he took the House floor in May, according to ABC News:

‘I have engaged in the process of drafting articles of impeachment. My articles of impeachment are being reviewed and at some point, if no one else does, I will file articles of impeachment to impeach President Donald J. Trump for obstruction of justice. The question really is not whether the president has obstructed justice, the question really is whether the president can obstruct justice with impunity.’

Democratic Representative Brad Sherman of California was the second to call for Trump’s impeachment for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” as he joined Green. ABC News reported that he announced his decision with a statement reading:

‘Recent disclosures by Donald Trump Jr. indicate that Trump’s campaign was eager to receive assistance from Russia. It now seems likely that the President had something to hide when he tried to curtail the investigation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the wider Russian probe. I believe his conversations with, and subsequent firing of, FBI Director James Comey constitute Obstruction of Justice.’

ABC News said Sherman called Trump “America’s amateur president” and said the he is showing “ignorance accompanied by a refusal to learn:”

‘We’re no longer surprised by any action, no matter how far below the dignity of the office – and no matter how dangerous to the country. We now begin the effort to force the House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings on Obstruction of Justice and Russian interference in our election.’

In order for the Senate to remove a president, two-thirds must vote for it, and half of the House of Representatives must do so.

Check out Representative Green calling for Trump’s impeachment, via YouTube:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Win McNamee.

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