JUST IN: Trump Busted Tailoring Regulations To Favor His Personal Businesses


The president has made his belligerent intent to look out for the interests of corporations at least as much as he looks out for the interests of the “little guy” clear since taking office. His priority is to save corporations money, not to improve the wellbeing of the average American.

Now, in a new report co-authored by Rep. David N. Cicilline and Rick Claypool, the full scope of the president’s volatile, incendiary policy agenda comes into focus. His repeated deregulatory actions are not only putting profit above people in a general sense. Rather, he is also working to benefit his own businesses, which he still has a financial stake in.

When the present set-up was first rolled out, the Trump team acted as though the president wouldn’t be privy to the behind the scenes functioning of his businesses, with his two older sons in charge instead. However, to suggest that such an arrangement takes care of the conflicts of interest inherent in the president’s ownership of a vast business empire is ludicrous.

In their report, Cicilline and Claypool detail a number of stripped back regulations that the president’s businesses stand to directly benefit from.

Among these regulations are “the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Rule and ban on brain-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos, the Department of Labor’s overtime rule, the National Labor Relations Board’s ‘joint employer’ rule, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s pay transparency rule and the Department of Homeland Security’s cap on H-2B visa workers.”

As an example of what’s going on, the Clean Water Rule — if it were to be allowed to go into effect — would subject businesses like Trump golf courses to potentially steep costs in complying with the rule. It cracks down on pollutants’ proximity to fresh waterways, which are water sources for millions of Americans.

Another regulatory rollback that the president stands to personally benefit from through his businesses is the death of the Labor Department’s attempt at expanding overtime pay for American workers. Although, as Cicilline and Claypool’s report notes, it is “impossible” to know just how many Trump Organization workers would have been affected by the rule change, the Trump Organization operates a number of entities across the U.S. that host hourly workers such as those who would have been paid overtime under the rule change.

Any increase in minimum wage is, no doubt, not going to go over well with business owners concerned with prioritizing profits, and such was the case with the Labor Department’s attempt at implementing this new rule.

On top of all of this, the Trump Administration has even rolled back a program to collect data on the genders of American workers in an effort to address the gender pay gap. Trump associated entities have long faced allegations of sexism in the workplace.

What’s clear through all of this — and there are many more examples — is that the president’s continued reckless rollback of regulations is damaging to the average American worker, but benefiting to rich corporate executives, like Donald Trump himself.

Ethics officials have attempted to pressure the president into fully disconnecting himself from his businesses, but to no avail. The ongoing campaign of corporate domination being led from the White House is continuing.

Featured Image via Win McNamee/Getty Images

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