Steve Bannon Just Smack-Talked Trump So Bad That Sissy-Boy Donald Went Silent


Many of us questioned President Donald Trump’s motives when he first came down and announced his bid for the presidency. When he won, rumors were he couldn’t believe it. Additionally, many have thought he never really wanted to be president and was just running to run and never thought it would become serious.

However, he found out soon enough it was for real, and things were serious. Every single thing he does and says is scrutinized by the media. Whether that’s fair or not is up for debate. However, it’s the reality of being the president of the United States. Rather than living a lazy and gaudy lifestyle, he now works every single day, and one of his biggest supporters believes he won’t finish his term thanks to his behavior, his moods, and the establishment that has filled his cabinet.

Steve Bannon has always been Trump’s loudest and proudest supporter. Furthermore, he was his campaign manager and chief strategist for several months in the White House. Bannon can be credited for Trump’s jaw-dropping election victory. Bannon, however, has been telling those around him there is only a 30 percent chance Trump will finish out the four-year term — much less win another term.

With all the investigations into Russia and its collusion with the Trump campaign, you’d believe the threat would be explosive evidence that would lead to his impeachment. However, that’s not what Bannon feels is Trump’s greatest threat. Bannon speculated the issue would be the 25th Amendment.

Of course, Trump wouldn’t know what the 25th Amendment even is. Sources told Vanity Fair Trump even asked Bannon what the 25th Amendment was. Of course, the 25th Amendment lays out the process for the removal and replacement of the president. In the case of Trump, his cabinet could allege that he was unable to “discharge the powers and duties of his office” due to mental instability and submit that to the president pro tempore of the Senate (Orrin Hatch) and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. In that case, Vice President Mike Pence would take over IF Trump could not prove he was able to run the country.

With that and several rumors circulating that Trump’s moods are growing worse and he actually hates everyone in the White House, that’s a reasonable worry on Bannon’s part. Several sources told Vanity Fair the president was “unstable, losing a step, and unraveling.” Furthermore, his request to increase the nuclear arsenal can be likened to North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un’s fascination with being a nuclear power. It’s not stable.

‘In recent days, I spoke with a half dozen prominent Republicans and Trump advisers, and they all describe a White House in crisis as advisers struggle to contain a president who seems to be increasingly unfocused and consumed by dark moods.’

Another source told Vanity Fair:

‘He’s lost a step. They don’t want him doing adversarial TV interviews.’

Considering he can’t do an interview without insulting his own secretary of state’s IQ, that’s understandable.

Many throughout the country hope and pray that something will be found in all the investigations that will force the impeachment and/or resignation of Trump. However, Russia may not have anything to do with the possibility of a Trump impeachment. It may be as simple as the officials in the White House growing a spine and saying, “Enough is enough.” Will that happen? Who knows. It would take a lot for them to stand up to the president. However, if they truly care about the safety of Americans across the country and around the world, they’ll grow one fast.

Featured image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images.