Trump Friend Of 30 Years Gives WaPo A Statement That Has Donald Raging Hard


Trump’s friend of three decades just spoke out in a way that is sure to ruin the longstanding camaraderie, and at any moment, Trump will take to Twitter to attack the billionaire he’s known for 30 years. What the man said has people wondering, is this a setup?

Thomas Barrack Jr. told the Washington Post that he is ‘shocked’ by Trump’s rhetoric, saying that he is only trying to appeal to a fan base, not even realizing that he is no longer running for president.

Barrack said:

“I tell him all the time: I don’t like the rhetoric. He thinks he has to be loyal to his base. I keep on saying, ‘But who is your base? You don’t have a natural base. Your base now is the world and America, so you have all these constituencies; show them who you really are.’ In my opinion, he’s better than this.”

According to WaPo, the two have a mutually beneficial relationship:

“The men have struck a mutually beneficial deal. Trump solicits Barrack’s advice regularly, asking how his actions are playing with the public. Barrack listens deferentially, advises Trump to change course without fear of retribution, and retains a bond that has outlasted Trump’s many personal and financial crises.”

Barrack says that, while his opinion is not always respected, it is heard:

“It is not always fun, and no, he doesn’t come back and say, ‘By the way, your idea was right or brilliant,’”

Go figure.

Barrack continued:

“No, he is very good at being told he is wrong. People don’t have the courage to do it. He pushes back hard, but the people he respects the most are the people who have the most refined and not wimpy point of view.”

Get ready for a mega Trump freakout.

No one takes credit for Trump’s thoughts. Not even Trump.

Check out the video below of Barrack talking about Trump at the 2016 RNC: