Trump Jr. Goes Full Sexist In Hateful Twitter Tirade About Girl Scouts (IMAGE)


The Trump family is known for speaking before thinking, and trying desperately to be clever and/or witty. Despite the fact that it blows up in their spray-tanned faces every single time, they persist. So, when Donald Trump Jr. saw a news story from ‘FAKE NEWS’ NBC, this story was apparently one that Trump wanted to believe.

The story that struck Don John’s nerve was a report that the Boy Scout organization will now be allowing females to take part. Trump Jr., not even knowing the full extent of the story, jumped to the first conclusion he could.

Strange, I though holding public office was for smart people???

According to NY Times:

“The decision comes nearly two months after the organization was harshly criticized by the president of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. for what she said was a “covert campaign to recruit girls.””

The chief scout executive released a statement on the reasoning behind the inclusion of females, saying:

“We strive to bring what our organization does best — developing character and leadership for young people — to as many families and youth as possible as we help shape the next generation of leaders,”

The president of the Girl Scouts is not very pleased with that decision, fearing that the recruitment of females will take away from her organization. Just two months ago, she released the following request to the Boy Scouts:

“I formally request that your organization stay focused on serving the 90 percent of American boys not currently participating in Boy Scouts.”

Naturally, the son of Donald Trump felt the need to chime in with his astounding ignorance on the topic, and for that, he paid dearly in the comments. Check out a few of our favorite ones below:

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