Trump Just Got Royally Dissed – Queen Elizabeth II Will Not Host Donald’s 2018 Visit


Donald Trump had planned to visit the U.K. in 2018 as a guest of the queen, but just got the royal shaft, so to speak. The kibosh was put on the full state visit Trump had envisioned, a trip that was sure to turn into a lavish vacation, as most Trump trips do.

However, after a massive amount of protest against the warm welcome, Trump’s trip has been reportedly downgraded to a “working visit.” This means that Trump will no longer be a guest of the queen, and will instead do more of a tour of different countries in the U.K..

The mayor of London is a long outspoke opponent of Trump’s immigration policies and remarks. In his opinion, Trump’s trip needs to be canceled completely. Mayor Sadiq Khan says that he’s “not sure it is appropriate for our government to roll out the red carpet” for Donald Trump.

According to

“Sources told the Standard this week a state visit was now being considered for a later, as-yet-undetermined, stage.”

“On Wednesday, Theresa May’s office said she was not aware of plans for a “working visit,” and said the position on the state visit had not changed. The offer had been extended, accepted by Mr Trump, and no dates had been arranged.”

Could this be to avoid a classic Twitter meltdown? Only time will tell.

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