Trump Just Lost It On Twitter Over NBC Report Of Demand For ‘Tenfold’ Increase In Nukes


NBC revealed Wednesday morning that the real reason Rex Tillerson called Trump a moron was because Trump demanded a ‘tenfold’ increase in America’s nuclear stockpile after seeing data that showed how much the stockpile had declined in the past 50 years.

According to NBC, Trump made the remarks in front of the world’s top leaders in security, effectively scaring the hell out of other nations. Tillerson was apparently blown away by the words coming out of the president’s mouth, and called it like he saw it; Trump is a moron.

Now, Trump is retaliating against the major news network, calling the story ‘pure fiction’ in the following belligerent Tweet:

It’s funny how much network news reports blatant lies now that Donald Trump is president. Before now, Americans have always relied on companies like CNN and NBC for reliable, trustworthy news reports.

Trump’s not done though. In a second tweet, Donald actually mentioned challenging the license NBC has to report the news, calling them “bad for country!’

Trump is lying. If you doubt that, you are truly special, and a big part of the problem. Most of the commenters on his tweets agree. Check out the responses below:

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