Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself Trying To Talk Military & Sports With Canadian PM


President Donald Trump, who has in the past insisted that he “knows more than generals”, made an idiot of himself in front of Canada’s Prime Minister while speaking to the press about the U.S. and Canada’s mutual defense goals.

Trump met Wednesday in the oval office with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whom he referred to as “a great friend.”

Trump then threw everyone for a loop with his phrasing:

‘Mutual defense is very important. And I guess we’ll also be discussing mutual offense. Which people don’t mention too often, but offense is part of defense.’

It’s hard to tell whether Trump was attempting to repeat a variation of the quote “the best defense is a good offense.” Perhaps he doesn’t know the what “offense” means. Either way, his carefree bravado while discussing the United States defense and offense plans is deeply unsettling for many.

Trump’s over-macho, unending need to come off as hyper-aggressive in all situations, press conferences included, just might result in the loss of life if he keeps provoking countries like North Korea.

When asked if the North America Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) was dead, Trump responded with:

‘We’ll see what happens. It’s possible we won’t be able to make a deal and it’s possible we will.’

Congruent to Trump and Trudeau meeting, negotiators from Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.  convened in Washington to discuss the reworking of Nafta after Trump threatened to pull the United States out of the deal after 23 years.

You can watch Trump horribly representing the United States in the video below via Bloomberg.

Featured Image via Getty Images

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